Monday, August 08, 2011

Presenting the next son in the family's sporting gigs!

Colton is truly an athlete although he gets easily bored and doesn't like the practices!  I know just where he got that from too!  It was baseball season and so the kid can sport the attire full on whether it fits him or not if its the sport he is into that day, he is wearing it, no telling him otherwise.  Often times Austin is like where is my baseball jersey, I say go look in Colton's room, yup its in there hiding in his sheets or something.  He so looks up to his brother. 

He sure does dress the part but, really wasn't that interested in playing after the first couple of games.  He got hit with the pitches the first couple times at bat and that didn't feel that great, apparently!  We had to bribe him to go to the games!

So sweet!
He did manage to get a few good hits!

So on with the next sport, I think golf is a lot less dangerous!

Or swimming in the sink works for us too, the parents and team members are great in this sport!

Colton got these clubs for his birthday and he is so proud of them, and is ready to go! 

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Boswella said...

I love the pictures.. especially the bath sink..I am so glad you allow these boys to just "be"

Colton DOES look up to his older brother but he is so himself also. He is really looking like you more and more; and truly acting like you as a child. He is an independent soul.

Love, Mom xoxoxo

Hallowsboys said...

I agree..he is very independent! Love that about him, he will go places and do things in life.