Saturday, January 10, 2009

Austin's Swim Meet

As you most know Austin is on the high school swim team, his coach called me during winter break and asked me why Austin wasn't coming to practice anymore? I said he was getting very burnt out and tired of it...They practice 2 hours in the morning and again after school for 2-3 hours. Then he comes home falls asleep and doesn't have time for homework or chores. So he was failing in his AP Geography class and needed to make up a bunch of assignments is why he wasn't going to practice plus he had to do some volunteer work on the Polar Express Train in town that last week. Well the coach told me that was too bad because Austin was one of the top 5-6 swimmers on the team and he was only a freshman. He said Austin has natural talent that he can't even teach some of his other swimmers to do and Austin does it without having to be taught. He said it will be a shame if he doesn't at least finish the season and then not come back next year would be a sad story. I talked to Austin about it and he agreed to finish the season as they have a chance on going to state finals in the next few weeks depending on how they finish in the next couple meets.
Well, Austin had his last swim meet at the home High School this week and I went for the very first time. Wow it was HOT up in those bleachers and all those bodies around. I survived though, it was my first swim meet I was ever at in my life, strange but true. I was SO proud of him and his accomplishments I decided to brag a bit about him and show off some pics. He raced a relay with a team of four, all of which were older than him...He is 14 and his team mates were 16 and two that were 17...he was swimming the 4 by 200 relay..he was also the anchor (the last swimmer)....meaning he is the fastest of them all. They were behind the whole time and Austin dove in and swam so stinking fast I couldn't believe it...that would have taken me 10 minutes to complete and he did it in about 25 seconds..phew I was floored hence, the reason the team came in second place.
Then we waited for another almost 2 hours for his next heat that is what they call them and boy was it appropriate that day cuz I was HOTTER than I cared to be and with being pregnant I was feeling it! So this heat he was swimming the 100 yard freestyle and he came in 3rd again he was the youngest swimmer at 14, with the others being all 16 and 17 years old. I was such a proud mom.
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JewelieP said...

When did Austin get so ripped?????

Ten years later said...

Wow.. my grandson is a future Olympic Star. That is how Michael did it. He really needs to eat alot more food to keep up the engery he needs...:) we will talk about it next week.. because when I was weight training.. I had to eat.. alot...

Love Grandma Barbara

Aunt Sandy said...

Austin keep up the good job you are doing, don't give up swimming, I wish I could swim, I can't even float!!! Keep eating protein and it will help with keeping you strong. I'm very proud of you
Love you.