Friday, January 30, 2009

Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Since this is probably going to be my last baby and its a special little girl, I had some pregnancy photos taken and wanted to share them with you.

Kaden and Colton are so excited to have Grandma Barbara here...Kade keeps saying, "I wonder how her hair is?" He heard me telling my mom she needed a new hairstyle and they never miss a thing do they?
Only a short time before she will be here and we are so looking forward to having this special little spirit in our home.


Anonymous said...

How pretty these are :) I love the one with the white drape and flowers.. it looks so ''girly''

I am excited to be in Utah also; to spend time with my boys and meet my new granddaughter.

Love, Mom

Aunt Sandy said...

You are so beautiful, I can't wait to meet Avery. Just think PINK, PINK, blue HA!

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures Leah. I added both your blogs to mine, thanks for the email. You couldn't be in better hands with your doctors and ICU's. You and Avery will be well taken care of. She's in my thoughts and prayers. Lisa