Friday, July 15, 2011

Cowboy UP!

The boys are really into the cowboy thing lately...they have been going to rodeos with Colton's friends, Brayden, since his sister is in them they take the boys and they love it!  I can't get them away from there once I bring them and they last for a few days usually.  I do a lot of bribery! 

This is a priceless shot! 

We took Grandpa Fred to the local Ream's store for some new boots when he came to visit and I decided we should play dress up with Austin!  I think he could pass off the cowboy look pretty nicely!

If you look closely, Colton is sitting on a calf.  He was working in the shoots all day with his friend Brayden and Brayden's dad. 

Colton and Brayden in their absolute glory!

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Boswella said...

I am just overwhelmed by how cute everyone looks :) Such great pictures..I love them all... and I have such a weakness for cowboys :)
Love, Mom xoxoxo

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Cute boys!! Love them so much. They look darling in their cowboy hats!