Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kaden's Golden Birthday

I can't believe my baby boy is now 7!  Seven years ago I had this sweet boy on July, 7th!  He has brought so much joy and laughs into our home, he is a treat to have and call our son. 
Usually I have the boys parties together since their friends are the same but with it being his Golden birthday, I wanted it to be all about him. 
He choose a repitle party and it truly was the best party as in it was really educational as well as being different and fun.  There were 12 kids and our adopted grandma Sally.
Kim and her son, from Kim's Creatures brought us 20 different reptiles to explore.

Kaden got to be their personal assistant for the party, he loved every single reptile!

All the reptiles were named and were very well cared for.

This Dragon was my fav, he would just lay on your chest or shoulders like a baby!  Too bad they smell in their cage or I would get one.  She would eat right out of your hand.

This cute turtle was the size of a half dollar! 
I am deathly afraid of snakes, apparently it doesn't run in the family!  Kaden loved them! 

And no matter the size either!  By the end of the party, I held one in my hands that was all coiled up.  I have come to realize its not the snake I don't like its the way they move that creeps me.
Sally on the other hand, was in love with the snakes, even resorting to kissing the princess!
This is Kaden's love, Lexi Vought, she babysits for us but, he just has a special connection to her.  I think its so neat how our boys have such great relationships with our friends and neighbors, I always was that way too! 
Colton was a bit more reluctant and cautious of the reptiles, but he loved the dragon too!

One was not enough for Kaden!

I have made this cake before but this time I did some cool things with frosting and freezing the cake first it turned out great if I might say so myself.  The cake tasted amazing too.....I used the cake mix that you add butter instead of oil and what a difference it tasted way better.

Kaden wanted his own cowboy hat so that is what we got him....he loved it!

I am sad to see my babies growing up but, I am enjoying them more and more as they get to developing their unique personalities.
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Boswella said...

What great pictures.. It looked like a wonderful party and what a different idea for a kids party.
Love, Mom